Lex Cyberia

Cyber Litigation

The Cyberlaw  litigation forms the core expertise of Lex Cyberia. Our organization represents clients in cyber law related  litigation, both civil and criminal, before various forums in India including civil and criminal courts,statutory forums set up under IT Act,2000 , namely,Adjudicating Authority, Cyber Appellate Tribunal, and the Supreme Court of India, and International/National Arbitral Institutions.  Lex Cyberia specializes in handling  cybercrime cases  such as credit card frauds, online defamation, identity theft, cybersecurity breaches, blocking of illegal content, hacking & data theft ,digital piracy,social media liability,  etc.Our team advises on protecting online reputation of its clients on social media and other platforms through specialized online image management services.We assist clients in drafting proper complaints/pleadings depending on the concerned forum where an action is lodged.

The  team in addition renders services for IP audits,securing trademark, copyright and patent registrations and manages antipiracy operations . The Intellectual Property lawyers also actively represent clients in Intellectual Property infringement cases including digital piracy, domain name disputes, infringement of trademark copyright matters before diverse forums in India.

We understand our clients value direct  communication with our team and we believe in dispensing our services with highest levels of professionalism and personal service.

  • Conducting cybercrime cases and investigations-drafting of police complaint & follow up
  • Detecting, investigating and prosecution of cybercrimes
  • Civil and criminal matters -Litigation – commercial disputes, anticipatory bail/bail cases, cybercrime cases.
  • Blocking/take down of objectionable material/illegal webpages
  • Trademark and digital piracy cases, copyright  infringement
  • cybersecurity breach,hacking, forgery and data theft cases
  • Cyber porn, MMS frauds, spam, and mobile crime cases
  • Hacking, credit card, banking and phising frauds
  • Cyberterrorism issues
  • Hatespeech, abusive content and invasion of privacy
  • Sexting, Online impersonation, defamation, and cyber stalking cases
  • Consumer frauds
  • Social media liability & ISP liability issues
  • Conducting Antipiracy raids