Lex Cyberia

Framing laws & policies

Drafting of cyber laws and policies for internet usage is at helm of protecting the interest of every nation today .The same applies with equal force in any organization or institution that deals in products or services.

At Lex Cyberia we study and research on existing laws of a country to draft appropriate laws and policies that govern computer and internet use within its territory.While we assist legislators in framing cyberlaws and amendments to allied set of  existing laws, we also assist organizations in developing appropriate Information Technology and Intellectual Property (IP) policies applicable to employees and vendors of an organization/company.Wealso assist in drafting of terms of use and disclaimers, privacy policy for e-commerce/social media websites.

Legislative bodies/ expert groups have consulted our lawyers on strengthening prevalent cyberlaws and its enforcement and//or suggesting new reforms   in this area.

  • Drafting of Acts/Rules/Policies on cyberlaw
  • Drafting of IP policies
  • Drafting of IT policy
  • Drafting of email use policy
  • Drafting of Non disclosure agreement
  • Drafting of terms of use/ disclaimers for a website
  • Drafting of privacy policy