Lex Cyberia

Online image management

Lex cyberia lawyers understand the importance of protecting one’s online reputation in today’s world. From defamation actions to quashing of criminal complaints, or blocking of objectionable webpages to investigating source of a message on social media or otherwise, we render specialized online image management services .

Often online consumer forums also contain defamatory blogs/ messages maliciously posted by competitors, or pirated images being used or trademarks being infringed damaging a brand name. We investigate such cases and advise on appropriate actions required to restore your brand image. We assist clients in taking both civil/ criminal recourse in defamation cases and blocking illegal content posted on websites.

  • Representing clients in defamation cases
  • Blocking illegal content
  • Action against copyright & trademark infringers
  • Injunction/stopping illegal posts from being online
  • Investigation of source of a message
  • Gathering electronic evidence
  • Criminal/civil actions